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 Eternium mod apk is an Offline RPG for Android and IOS, an action title accompanied by an extensive exploration, choose your character and start an adventure facing a diversity of enemies that await us in the depths of the dungeons.

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You can download eternium mod apk offline from links. It is possible to play without connection, but some features, such as the Improvement of the qualifications and the Ship, it will be necessary that you play online to synchronize the game.

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The Eternium mod apk latest version offers graphics that stand out to a large extent, it is not far behind the RPG games, emphasizing that you need an internet connection only in the beginning to download maps and play the story mode.

A good choice of game, to have a good time of entertainment mainly if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection or prefer this style of entertainment. Having a story that develops according to the levels.

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You can get unlimited gems, coins, money, gold, and diamond by downloading eternium mod apk offline from given links. These all rewards will help you to increase the power of your hero and his abilities.


As a brief introduction to the game, we commanded the role of a character in an endless number of dungeons, which enemies open everywhere, the dynamic that immerses us is to eliminate all the demons in each level.

Character selection :

We can select 3 different characters, as well as a name that we like.


Composed of his sword and shield, his damage by melee attacks can be truly disastrous, his specialty is attacking at close range, but forceful.


Its main characteristic is the use of two weapons at the same time, they are agile and fast, although their damage is inferior to the warrior, it is a good option to choose with a good level rise and selection of weapons.


A very selective class for the simple act of drawing attention, remote attacks are its main feature, adding the varied skills we can learn.

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